Bulk CDs

Bulk CDs

Fat Rat Press deals ONLY with CD REPLICATION, which is the ultimate in CD manufacturing quality. The result is what would you buy in a cd store (the few are left, that is).
It entails producing a glass master, then a metal stamper and then "pressed" into a silver coating, on the discs.

Please Download Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Form PDF to be submitted with every new cd duplication order.

Here's what you get with BULK CDs

Quantity Price
300 $345 (1.15 ea)
500 $400 (.80 ea)
1000 $490 (.49 ea)
2500 $1075 (.43 ea)

SHIPPING IS ADDITIONAL. Call or e-mail for a quote.

Download the template

Right Click and choose [save target as] to save the file to your computer, otherwise click on an image to open the file in a new window.

CD face Download EPS template Download JPG template Download PDF template